Our Ethos

We hold core values related to improving the environment and maximising peoples enjoyment from their gardens. We apply these where we can. We also listen very carefully to what you want from your garden, every garden is different but every customer has different requirements and we make sure that is at the forefront of our minds.

Waste Removal

We encourage customers to use their own composting facilities where possible. We can supply and build a range of composters. There are many benefits of composting green waste;

- It’s better for the environment than transporting it away and transporting new compost in!

- It can save you money, removing the need for green waste bins, waste disposal and buying new compost.

- It can be very rewarding to create your own compost and return it to the garden where it was created.

Despite this we do understand that this isn’t always possible or preferable and we can of course remove your garden waste for a fee or use your green waste bins.

Rainwater Harvesting

We promote rainwater harvesting in all gardens where possible. We can install a range of creative options to collect water which can then be applied by us or you to your pots and other areas as required. Again, this option is great for the environment and your pocket.

Wildlife friendly

We love encouraging wildlife into your gardens. This can be done by specific planting or creating habitats such as bug hotels. This kind of project can be great for families to get involved with together but we are always on hand to help if needed.

Homegrown food

We believe in growing fruit and vegetables at home. This is positive for the environment, good for us, great fun and very rewarding, it’s also another good way of getting children engaged with gardening and wildlife so we are more than happy to help you set this up.

Ultimately it’s your garden and we will provide what you require but this is a taste of the options we can provide.